We Feel Fine

Art & Photography

The “We Feel Fine” Project is all about interactive data visualization that harvests human feelings written down in the many blogs on the internet.  It’s amazing how many poetic phrases you come across. Feelings straight from the heart. I think it’s a beautiful project.

How does it work? Every few minutes the system scans the entire web down to newly posted blog entries for the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. If such a sentence is found, the full phrase is recorded and the feeling (sad, happy, depressed, etc.) is visually expressed in a dot corresponding to the sense of color and how often it occurs (dot size). Users can click the dot to view the full sentence and / or photo to which the dot belongs.

We Feel Fine

Visual shopping

Mixed Sparks

Browse goods.com is a really nice site where you can do your shopping online in a very cool visual way. There are several categories such as shoes, watches, toys or cookware. Zoom in and out to have a closer look at the thousands of products which are available in a certain category. A great way of shopping online and to gain some new insights in what you really are looking for with all those examples laid out for you.

 spark ideas_browse goods