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Trends from Cannes Lions 2015. Great overview with all the best campaigns included..

Fjord Trends 2015

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The 2015 Annual Trends report from Fjord highlights the impact of digital on the real world and explores how this will shape both consumer expectations and service design over the coming 12 months.

2013 Social Media trends by Edelman Digital

Strategy Talk, The Video Section

JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2013

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Mindful Living, Mobile Optimized Goes Mainstream & MOOC Stars.

Trends in Interactive Design

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Where interactive design is going in the near future and how to respond to it, according to Prophets Design A very nice presentation.

Product design trends

Design & Architecture

A presentation on product design trends made by Diana V. Carrico. A good overview of the different design styles with very nice examples. Inspirational.

Most Contagious 2011

The Video Section

Always great to read. Nice overview of 2011.

Innovation? Ignore your customer

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It isn’t the consumers job, to know what they want. My article about innovation and researching the needs of the consumers for trend magazine Second Sight, Spring 2011. Article Paula-Buit_SecondSight

12 trends from Cannes 2011

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From Social TV to the rise of HTML 5 to the impact of collaborative storytelling, the view of TheSocialPractice on trends shaping the best work and likely to impact 2012’s winners. Very interesting analysis.