Design the New Business

Strategy Talk

Design the New Business is a film dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are working together in new ways to solve the wicked problems facing business today. Rethinking business and design with human behaviour in mind. This short documentary is worth a watch!

Most Contagious 2011

The Video Section

Always great to read. Nice overview of 2011.

Retro style

Art & Photography



Graphic design from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Look here for 50 or more illustrations:

Jon Steel about what he values in Planning

Strategy Talk
  1. Be useful. The real value of a planner is problem solving and coming up with simple solutions. Cleverness is simply a means to an end.
  2. Bring out the best in other people. Act as a catalyst for others by providing the conditions for informed creative thought.
  3. Be a linchpin, not only between people but also between brands and the audience they connect with.
  4. Have a deep understanding of human motivations and instincts.
  5. Have an experience of real life. Get out of the office to experience the real world and understand the people you want to experience.
  6. Create a working timetable both within and outside the office to best generate ideas and insights.
  7. Whether analogue or digital, the main task of any planner is understanding basic human communication.


Animals face to face

Art & Photography


Amazing photos of animals in the wild by Stefano Unterthiner.

Flexible Love

Design & Architecture

Quite possibly the coolest folding chair ever:

Flexible Love

Urban Free Flow

The Video Section

So inspiring, it gives you an energetic feel and makes you wanna join! Great video, great music.