Sweat the small stuff

Strategy Talk

Worth watching this TED Talk of Rory Sutherland: Sweat the small stuff. It seems that a lot of organisations have actually become completely disconnected with what actually matters to people. Big problems ask for big solutions. Better, simpler answers are ignored. He uses behavioral economics to illustrate his point his view. Great Talk.

The Plastic Bag

The Video Section

Do you ever feel…. like a plastic bag? “Mockumentary” video that illustrates California’s plastic bag pollution situation.

Jerry’s Map

Art & Photography

Absolutely so nice and authentic. Mini-documentary on Jerry Gretzinger who creates reality into maps. Little pieces of art.

Life in a Day

The Video Section

Thousands of people in the world contributed to this beautiful documentary ‘Life in a Day’.

Art of Persuasion

Strategy Talk

This is a good video to watch and refresh your understanding on choice architecture and the art of persuasion by Dave Trott. Strategic stuff. Watch all 10 episodes!

The Fun Theory

Strategy Talk

The easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is to make it more fun. See more examples of the fun theory here.