Art & Photography

Art by day, light by night, the Polaboy is a giant luminous Polaroid frame. A clever idea, makes use of the vintage feeling we have got with Polaroid. And it’s a piece of personal art. Put your best photo in the frame.  Would like to have this….

High Tech Retrography Polaboy Led Frame 5

Retro style

Art & Photography



Graphic design from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Look here for 50 or more illustrations: http://bit.ly/pI8u4y

I like this lamp!

Design & Architecture

Capitone is the new lamp collection designed by designer Oriol Llahona. Its made of a new translucent material developed for Alma Light, thecollection includes ceiling, suspension and wall lamp. Oriol Llahona was inspired by traditional padding. I think the result is lovely.