Fjord Trends 2015

Strategy Talk

The 2015 Annual Trends report from Fjord highlights the impact of digital on the real world and explores how this will shape both consumer expectations and service design over the coming 12 months.

100% Open

Strategy Talk

100% Open Business Models & Mindsets — Cultivate the edge. The future reveals itself through the peripheral. Connect the Dots…  By connecting the dots: “If the answer isn’t surprising, you’re asking the wrong question.”

Product design trends

Design & Architecture

A presentation on product design trends made by Diana V. Carrico. A good overview of the different design styles with very nice examples. Inspirational.

The Girl Store

The Video Section

Impressive. Buy a girl her life back. A new level of experiential and interactive approach to communication. Brands make people almost the main heroes of their campaigns. Consumers have become active way before even making a purchase. And this is where the social media can play its huge role in this new way of communication.

Being Elmo – a puppeteers journey

The Video Section

Wow, i like these kind of stories. Focus on what makes you happy, no matter what people say. Hope I can see the film soon.