Finding Vivian Maier

Art & Photography

Vivian Maier was an extremely talented street photographer from the 1950s – 1990s. When she died more than 100,000 pictures were left behind. The photos proved the best kept secret in the industry. Vivian’s work was discovered at an auction in Chicago where she lived most of her life. During the auctioning of thousands of films, photographs and negatives experts discovered that Vivian Maier unquestionably was the best photographer of her time.

John Maloof and Anthony Rydzon had the idea to search for this remarkable woman in a documentary and needed, an crowdsourcing way to finance creative projects, to get the required $ 20,000 of funding together. They found through Kickstarter more than 1,400 fans that backed up this great idea and got more than $ 100,000 dollars. Finding Vivian Maier is now in production.

You can watch the video here: