Dutch Profiles

Design & Architecture, The Video Section

Dutch Profiles are short documentaries about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands. Containing interviews with both well-known and upcoming Dutch designers, Dutch Profiles focus on their conceptual approach, their work process, and the context of their projects. Certainly a series of beautiful and captivating portaits that are worth to watch! More documentaires are found at: dutchdfa

Get your cat a wig….

Mixed Sparks

Cute wigs for your beloved … yes, i am serious… your cat! Looks good, don’t you think? Order the wigs at kittywigs.com

kitty wigs

kitty wigs

Architectural Fashion store Seoul

Design & Architecture

Fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester has a great store in Seoul, Korea which is an architectural highlight as well!

architecture new fashion store 


Adding Value: the cultural side of innovation


addingvalues.gif Dany Jacobs (2007). In this book Dany Jacobs illustrates to what extent the cultural side of innovations is even more important than their technology. Moreover, he explains how to think about creativity in a more productive way, in order to increase the chance of success of innovations. This is illustrated with concrete cases from different industries. Dany Jacobs is professor of strategy at the University of Groningen and the Amsterdam Fashion Insitute. And columnist at magazines as Intellectueel Kapitaal, Texpress en FD Strategie.

Dany Jacobs also wishes to thank Thijs Broekhuizen, Paula Buit, Ritzo ten Cate, Jenny Elissen, Lucie Huiskens, Otto Lappöhn, Marco Mossinkoff, Diane Nijs, Theo Postma, Hendrik Snijders and Véronique Timmerhuis for stimulating discussions and very useful comments on previous drafts of this text.