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Strategy Talk

How do you ignite your ambassadors and the makers of things?

Author Helge Tennø, currently working as Digital Director at Dinamo AS in Oslo, Norway, is  an inspiring personality. And he creates insightful presentations. In his work he helps companies and organizations discover WHY they are valuable in consumers lives, and HOW they can create deliberate value on the everyday arenas where they connect with them

More presentations can be found on his personal blog: 180360720

2013 Social Media trends by Edelman Digital

Strategy Talk, The Video Section

Social Media Infographics

Strategy Talk

A collection of 65 infograhics about how people use social media for everyday interaction

Social Landscape

How social media is changing brand communication

Strategy Talk

SMS Slingshot

The Video Section

Nice entertainment. Combining gaming, digital and ambient elements! The digital slingshot allows you to enter an SMS and then sling it, after which it gets painted on to the wall.

Violating the laws of nature

The Video Section

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

Stunning wide angle views

Art & Photography

Christian Stoll, photographer, makes stunning wide angle views of futuristic locations. See more at his site: www.christian-stoll.com

Christian Stoll