Design Thinking – Bootcamp

Strategy Talk

Extensive presentation by Jan Smiedgen about design thinking


Strategy Talk

Rory Sutherland talks about using psychological solutions to reframe problems at TEDxAthens.

Saving your creative soul

Strategy Talk

A well told message from Scott Berkun about how the creative process works. Listen to yourself, independent of others. Keep Going, do it anyway. Because “Making Stuff” is all about sit there and do the work. That’s the challenge. Loved this, made me get back to work with my own ideas about design thinking and strategy.


The love for craftmanship #ServiceDesign

The Video Section

Watch here the story of the Inverted Bike Shop A unique approach to business.

Teaching to see – Design Thinking film

Strategy Talk

Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

A crash course in design thinking! This film is about learning to look and visualize in order to design, about the importance of drawing. It is one designer’s personal experience of issues that face all designers, expressed with sympathy and encouragement, and illustrated with examples of Inge [Druckrey]’s own work and that of her students.

100% Open

Strategy Talk

100% Open Business Models & Mindsets — Cultivate the edge. The future reveals itself through the peripheral. Connect the Dots…  By connecting the dots: “If the answer isn’t surprising, you’re asking the wrong question.”

Design the New Business

Strategy Talk

Design the New Business is a film dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are working together in new ways to solve the wicked problems facing business today. Rethinking business and design with human behaviour in mind. This short documentary is worth a watch!

Visual thinking

Strategy Talk

David Armano

David Armano is an expert on social media for business. He has an impressive visual thinking archive with nice images to quickly get your message across. Visit for more information or have a look a Flickr for the images.