Transmedia storytelling

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Media neutral model
A single idea or thought is spread across the different touchpoints. This is believed to be more effective as the same idea is represented in various media, which reinforces the impact on the consumer. This is illustrated in the media neutral planning model. The main question here is ‘what is the right media mix?’.

Transmedia narrative – a story that unfolds across different platforms. Question here is ‘how do we create fans who talk and share their experiences with their friends and social networks’? The model underneath illustrates that thought. Although the consumer experiences the brand narrative in a non-linear way, as a planner you still need to know (in a linear way) what to communicate when and how. That is the challenge.

A useful guide to brand utility

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Informative presentation on this topic with inspiring examples.


Brand equity model

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Brand Equity model (Brandt and Johnson, 1997)
“Brand equity is the unique set of real and/or perceived distinctions attached to a brand by customers…. Brand equity lives only in the hearts and minds of customers.”

The Brand House Model

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The Brand House model consists of three elements:
the brand dream (the ambition of the brand), the brand promise (the emotional promise of the brand towards the target group) and the brand values ​​(representing the character of the brand).

I found on the internet the Brand House of the Dutch Tourist Office (VVV). Promise: “You feel enriched by the ‘local color’. When you come into contact with the tourist office, at the office, on the website or at one of the many ways in which the tourist is present, you experience the value. You’ve received something extra that is rooted in the pride of the city or region and knowledge of the locality.

Dream: “Everyone enjoys his free time in the Netherlands. Netherlands is beautiful and has a lot to offer. The tourist office is very aware that the Netherlands, is more special than many people think. Within the Netherlands there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whoever you are and what your needs are. But you must know how to find. The Tourist Office is there to make that dream a reality for all Dutch and all others.

VVV Brand House