Immersive storytelling

Strategy Talk

Augment your reality. Blurring the line between digital and reality. How can new ways of ‘seeing’ and experiencing enrich the lives of people. It’s the next step in storytelling: immerse with your surroundings.

‘stored, tracked or logged’ personal life data is combined¬†with digital museum collections. Further techniques as indoor positioning, new object recognition and augmented reality are used to create a entertaining, responsive experience. Certainly great work is done by in10’s Jacco Ouwerkerk amongst others for YoMu | a mobile and personal museum experience. Look at the presentation for yourself, and I am curious what you think of it. Share your thoughts.


The Video Section

I like this concept. These cute and interactive little toys are called Suwappas and can be “brought to life” by activating an app. Simply point your mobile device at one of the Suwappas and, although it may look like it’s sat there minding its own business, you can suddenly see it talking, moving, changing its features and even its surroundings all through your phone.(source:popgadget)