Art & Photography

Art by day, light by night, the Polaboy is a giant luminous Polaroid frame. A clever idea, makes use of the vintage feeling we have got with Polaroid. And it’s a piece of personal art. Put your best photo in the frame.  Would like to have this….

High Tech Retrography Polaboy Led Frame 5

Jerry’s Map

Art & Photography

Absolutely so nice and authentic. Mini-documentary on Jerry Gretzinger who creates reality into maps. Little pieces of art.

Dynamic water art

The Video Section

This sure is pretty. Dynamic water art by Shinichi Maruyama

Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.


Mixed Sparks

I am into the religious art pieces and really enjoy this site: beautiful Marias, furniture, lighting and art. Do you know them? The shop is world famous. And yes, from the Netherlands! Visit the (web) shop and take your wallet with you…