Design Thinking – Bootcamp

Strategy Talk

Extensive presentation by Jan Smiedgen about design thinking

Advanced Design Methods For Successful Innovation


This is a great report: Advanced design methods for successful innovation by Design United, a platform for Dutch Research in Design of the 3TU Industrial Design programmes. The book covers recent methods from design research and design consultancy in the Netherlands. I recently came across this report, although it was already launched in september, 2013.

As a brand strategist I like the discussion about the concept ‘the brand as a lens’. How a brand could drive innovation, and sets a process of change in motion, with the intention of improving a competitive situation and or/creating new value. In other words the brand has a process role (triggers and inspires change) and it has a content role (give direction to that change).



Currently, I am thinking about creating / finding a framework that visualises this thought of ‘the brand as a lens’ and the impact this has inside an organization. From management, employees, customers, processes and value output perspective. And the impact is has outside an organization: the role you have (or wish to have) within an ecosystem, your positioning and brand image. Book suggestions, articles or other interesting ideas on this matter are very welcome. Paula Buit

Joris Laarman – Furniture of the futre


The Dutch designer uses computers, robotics and 3-D printers to make pieces that sometimes surprise even him. Read this article about the great designs he creates. Read the article here: Joris Laarman’s Furniture of the Future

PSFK Future of Health Report

Strategy Talk, The Video Section

A world of creativity

Strategy Talk, The Video Section

Explore a world of creativity where the real and the imagined collide. Where would you go with only your thoughts and your notebook as company? I love this kind of storytelling.

Great video by Rogier Wieland who made this for the legendary notebook company Moleskine in Milan. It’s a combination of stop motion, 2d animation and live action video to show their Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Notebooks.

Alice’s Adventures in Paperland with Moleskine.

Business Innovation by Design

Strategy Talk

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-15 om 22.34.54

Business Innovation Design, Jeffrey Tjendra

Each of the disciplines – brand, design thinking, innovation management etc.- have overlapping approaches. What if you merge different disciplines into a unified multidisciplinary approach? See here his multidisciplinary approach that guides businesses on what and how to innovate and grow. I truly like the thought of breaking through the existing silo’s and merging visions and disciplines. A good attempt to find a new approach where you have an overview of how elements are linked to each other and get the whole picture.

New demand patterns


Another interesting presentation made by Helge Tenno. How customers are changing the landscape of communication and business. “Every century or so, fundamental changes in the nature of consumption create new demand patterns that existing enterprises can’t meet.” Good insights on the future of business and communication.