The Cosby Sweater Project

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Very inspirational site for all ‘knitting-sweater addicts’ and odd patterns lovers: The Cosby Sweater Project.


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I am into the religious art pieces and really enjoy this site: beautiful Marias, furniture, lighting and art. Do you know them? The shop is world famous. And yes, from the Netherlands! Visit the (web) shop and take your wallet with you…

Get your cat a wig….

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Cute wigs for your beloved … yes, i am serious… your cat! Looks good, don’t you think? Order the wigs at

kitty wigs

kitty wigs


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A new funny babygift. Japanese Yosimiya is selling bags of rice printed with a newborn’s photo, name and date of birth. The bags are shaped to resemble a swaddled baby. But the key feature is that the bags contain the baby’s exact weight in rice. Holding the bag will therefore feel like holding the baby. The personalized, made-to-order ‘dakigokochi’ are priced from JPY 3500 (USD 32 / EUR 22) and available in a wide range of colours and designs (source: springwise).

It is a shame the site is only in Japanese, but for the daredevils out there, it might be worth a try for an original present. Good luck.


Hand made stuff

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Etsy is a online trading place where you can buy and sell all kinds of things handmade. From bags, clothing to vintage things. Have a look for authentic items.


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I joined a new car community site in the Netherlands called CarRelation. The fun thing is that all the owners of a certain oldtimer car, cool car or classic car can link to each other and tell and exchange great stories about ‘their’ car and its history. It is just launched. You can already see oldtimers like Volvo Amazon, VW Beetle (Kever), Citroën DS/ID, Jaguar E-Type, Porsche 912, VW T1 Samba, Citroën 2CV, Fiat 500, Ford Mustang. I think it is a nice site to check out, especially for Dutch owners of cool and classic cars.

Visual shopping

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Browse is a really nice site where you can do your shopping online in a very cool visual way. There are several categories such as shoes, watches, toys or cookware. Zoom in and out to have a closer look at the thousands of products which are available in a certain category. A great way of shopping online and to gain some new insights in what you really are looking for with all those examples laid out for you.

 spark ideas_browse goods

Criminal profiling

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Interested in criminal profiling? These 3 websites give you more information on forensic psychology:
Basic information on forensic psychologie
This American site shows all sorts of notorious cases. The background of the perpetrators and victoms to information about the lawsuit. For instance, the cases of the Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy are mentioned here.
This is the site of Reid Meloy, one of the toppers in forensic psychology in the U.S. He has a lot of offenders in high profile cases examined psychologically. For example Timothy Mcveigh – from the bombing in Oklahoma city – and Ted Kaczynski, “the Una-bomber”.

Monsters and Robots

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I happened to be in London, and saw at several shops great toys and fluffy animals in the shape of monsters and robots. Might be the newest trend? The fashion monsters you see underneath are made by Christian Lacroix, on sale for instance by Habitat. 

fashion monsters_christian lacroix

Mr. Sanassa

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If you need a little help on any subject or theme, Mr. Sanassa can help.

As he states himself “garanteed result within 96 hours”.  e.g. When your partner has left you, he’s able to succeed in an inmediate return of your loved one! It might cheer you up, that there is always a last solution to any problem. Just call Mr. Sanassa….. If you happen to come across these kind messages on your doorstep, just mail them through! I will post them right here.

You also got more of these advices? Please send them to me! Thanks.

Mr Sanassa