Floating Hotel

Design & Architecture

If the global warming becomes reality, the Russian architect Alexander Remizov certainly is prepared with his “ark” concept. The hotel is designed to protect from extreme weather and created to be self-reliant. And can even be installed on land. Surely a nice example of innovative architecture.


Reflective traffic sheep

Design & Architecture

Designer Christophe Machet was commissioned by the Municipality of Gland, Switzerland to create these reflective sheep that got lost in the streets, forcing drivers to slow down. A nice alternative for all the traffic ramps we have got in the Netherlands. Great idea. Want to see more, go to http://www.christophemachet.com

Traffic sheep Christophe Machet

Barcode building

Design & Architecture


Vitruvius & Sons – Barcode, St. Petersburg (Photographer: Alexey Naroditsky). This looks really nice. For the city of St. Petersburg the Russian office Vitruvius & Sons designed a building called ‘Shtrikh Kod’: Barcode. As the iconography suggests the building houses… shops, shops and shops. (source: Eikongraphia)

Architectural Fashion store Seoul

Design & Architecture

Fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester has a great store in Seoul, Korea which is an architectural highlight as well!

architecture new fashion store 



Design & Architecture

Inspirered by the waves that surround it, the breathtaking glass structure will be the new Elbe Philharmonic Hall. The project will be due for 2010. It will then house one of the world’s finest concert halls and will put Hamburg on the map, according to the swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. Today, three years before the Hall is due to open, great animations give you an idea of just what it will look like. It will contain a 2150 seat concert hall, a 550 seat chamber music hall, a 200-room luxury hotel, a wellness area, a nightclub and 21 luxury apartments.



Skyscraper news

Design & Architecture

Spectacular projects are changing the London skyline, like the Difa tower at Bishopsgate. Extraordinary new architecture will rapidly change the city.

Shard London Bridge    Shard Bridge london     sparkideas_architecture Difa tower

“We need to make a building that doesn’t shut people out, one that responds to local as well as city-wide needs” says Renzo Piano, architect of the London Bridge Tower.
Six floors of public space at the mid levels will provide a wide range of facilities. These floors will boast views on a par with those from the top of the London Eye. Visitors, along with residents, office staff and hotel guests, will all benefit from The Shard’s strong mix of boutiques, restaurants, bars, health spa, exhibition space and conference facilities. More news at www.skyscrapernews.com