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Art & Photography

Art by day, light by night, the Polaboy is a giant luminous Polaroid frame. A clever idea, makes use of the vintage feeling we have got with Polaroid. And it’s a piece of personal art. Put your best photo in the frame.  Would like to have this….

High Tech Retrography Polaboy Led Frame 5

Jerry’s Map

Art & Photography

Absolutely so nice and authentic. Mini-documentary on Jerry Gretzinger who creates reality into maps. Little pieces of art.

We Feel Fine

Art & Photography

The “We Feel Fine” Project is all about interactive data visualization that harvests human feelings written down in the many blogs on the internet.  It’s amazing how many poetic phrases you come across. Feelings straight from the heart. I think it’s a beautiful project.

How does it work? Every few minutes the system scans the entire web down to newly posted blog entries for the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. If such a sentence is found, the full phrase is recorded and the feeling (sad, happy, depressed, etc.) is visually expressed in a dot corresponding to the sense of color and how often it occurs (dot size). Users can click the dot to view the full sentence and / or photo to which the dot belongs.

We Feel Fine

Retro style

Art & Photography



Graphic design from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Look here for 50 or more illustrations:

Animals face to face

Art & Photography


Amazing photos of animals in the wild by Stefano Unterthiner.

Nostalgia for the Present

Art & Photography

I found this great site: NIKOLA TAMINDZIC’S PHONECAM DIARY.  Pictures with a nostalgic glow, called fauxlaroids. The diary is certainly worth a visit.