Advanced Design Methods For Successful Innovation


This is a great report: Advanced design methods for successful innovation by Design United, a platform for Dutch Research in Design of the 3TU Industrial Design programmes. The book covers recent methods from design research and design consultancy in the Netherlands. I recently came across this report, although it was already launched in september, 2013.

As a brand strategist I like the discussion about the concept ‘the brand as a lens’. How a brand could drive innovation, and sets a process of change in motion, with the intention of improving a competitive situation and or/creating new value. In other words the brand has a process role (triggers and inspires change) and it has a content role (give direction to that change).



Currently, I am thinking about creating / finding a framework that visualises this thought of ‘the brand as a lens’ and the impact this has inside an organization. From management, employees, customers, processes and value output perspective. And the impact is has outside an organization: the role you have (or wish to have) within an ecosystem, your positioning and brand image. Book suggestions, articles or other interesting ideas on this matter are very welcome. Paula Buit


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